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About a year ago, some pretty drastic things happened for me.

In November 2009, I saw a remarkable TV-programme about wildlife in the Costa Rica Rainforest. A courageous hummingbird tried to speed up its evolution by trying new ways of flying. He succeeded in flying backwards, flapping its wings at 91,8 times per second, instead of the maximum frequency ever registered of 90,3 times. By doing so, he didn’t notice a vivid green Quetzal and he hit it at full speed. Luckily, they remained both unharmed. Maybe only a few biologists might be excited by this extraordinary fact, but it stroke me.

I actually found that hummingbird really inspiring. I said to myself: “ be like the hummingbird”. So I decided to become a hero. Not yet another Superman clone (although a cape would actually suit me), but a hero in life. My dream is to be the Director of my own Herculix Life. Not inventing excuses why I cannot do this or why I don’t have time , or make the same mistakes over and over again and blame other people. But live life to the max. Be a better person. Et surtout: non, je ne regrette rien.

That’s why I decided to make a trip. I want to explore things by myself. I want to see the world and have some fun too, before our planet is totally devastated. I go wherever the wind takes me. I want to see the Machu Picchu, face a leopard in a Thorneybush game ride and feel the sand between my toes on the beach on Koh Chang Island.

But, most of all, I want to meet people (that’s YOU), because I believe in the power of encounters. I want interaction; hear stories of heroes from all over the world who decided to change their lives and surpass themselves.


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