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It may sound like a cliché, but it’s never too late to take up sports in your life. I rediscovered sport some months ago and it feels like a new milestone in my life. Why are so many people stoked on sports? It’s not just the obvious physical benefits, I guess. Playing sports also keeps children out of trouble and keeps all of us from an unsavory life.

Here are some reminders on why sport is beneficial for your body, mind and soul:

  • You make new friends in natural, spontaneous way
  • While you sport, you forget your troubles. An ideal way to fight depression!
  • Being part of a sports team is like being part of a family
  • Playing sports makes you handsome, sexy and fit
  • Sport raises self-esteem: you gain confidence in other areas of your life
  • The released endorfines make people involved in sport happy and emotionally stronger
  • You learn how to handle competition, an ability that might be handy in your business and private life

Some tips for a fresh start:

  • Begin slowly and learn in a low-pressure environment
  • Use the correct equipment and get yourself proper instructions
  • Buy cool sport clothes that make you feel irresistible
  • Take it step by step: don’t exaggerate in the beginning to avoid injuries
  • Share your progress on social networks: the fact that others might follow you will put that extra pressure that you might need
  • Ask your friends to join you and have fun
  • Promise yourself not cancel your sport appointment for no reason
  • Persevere. Even when the weather is bad, or when your child is ill: find a solution and get dressed for some sweat.

The rediscovery of sport has changed my life. I hope that you are convinced that it can have a big positive impact on your life too- in your career, education and social life. So, what are YOU waiting for to break the cycle, get out and conquer the playfield?


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