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These are exciting times. The world is changing drastically: unimaginable things have happened during the last years, climate change is affecting us in our daily lives, the West seems to be lost. We have already lost a lot of certainties, more than we are willing to believe. People are confused, or even anxious, and have an apocalyptic feeling.

My personal response is to write. One year ago, I abandoned my safe and comfortable micro-cosmos and I have written my own Charter. I think it’s good to assess life from time to time. “Have I reached my goals?” “Are there things to weed out what I don’t need?” We all need to lose our bad habits or lazy ways that hold us back and clutter our minds.

Here’s the result of my mental exercise: my personal Charter. This is how I want to live and want to be remembered. I’m not a perfect person, though. I am aware that it won’t be easy to pursue them in everything I do. But at least, I try. And it’s good to have a daily personal touchstone.


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